Multi-national mining house avoids $16m unplanned costs

and reduces breakdowns by 30%

PSC Industrial Engineers, in partnership with other service providers, lead a small team in delivering a training and development program at a large gold mining company in Ghana.

The program endured 18 months and was designed to sustainably streamline the maintenance execution cycle of the mine through skills development, while introducing new technologies in condition monitoring.

The project was concluded in 2019 with presentations to mining executives showing documented cost avoidance's in excess of $16m for the project duration. 


Additionally certificates were issued to the 38 maintenance planning and reliability engineering staff for successful program attendance and for certification in selected condition monitoring technologies.

Other improvements were the significant increase in preventative maintenance schedule attainment, reduced breakdowns, improved cost controls and more effective use of SAP PM and other related management systems.


Project direction,

training and mentoring

Reliability engineering