Medium enterprise increases balance sheet by R7m


A medium enterprise in two locations in South Africa embarked on a process to rationalise their technical warehouses to gain control over their R&M materials management processes.

Starting with a cleanup and tag, our field agent embarked on a process to rationalise many years of collected  technical spares. The objective of the project was to upgrade the R&M stores to a level that could be more effectively controlled and managed.

Notwithstanding the many skips of scrap that were sold for profit as Other Income, R7m of usable R&M spares were identified, classified, catalogued, sorted, packed and capitalised for over 600 new catalogue items.

Additionally re-order strategies were devised for the all stock items together with operational staff to ultimately right-size the stock holding for the organisation.

South Africa

Stores optimisation

Industrial engineer and field agents

R 700k